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Internet service provider offers free internet for a month

Fiber Internet has been offering free internet in India for the past month, and it has received a lot of positive feedback from users, who have said that they are able to browse the internet at home without paying a penny.

In fact, Google Fiber has been providing the free internet service to its Indian customers since September this year, when the company launched its free Internet in India service.

According to the official Google Fiber Facebook page, Fiber Internet in the country has been a huge success for the company.

“Fiber Internet in 2017 was a great opportunity to connect with our users in the heart of Mumbai, a city with a vibrant online culture and strong startup ecosystem,” said the page.

Fiber India, which provides the service through its subsidiary, has received around $1 billion from investors and is now in the process of opening up to more cities and regions in India.

The service is available in over 2,500 cities and towns across India, and in some areas, it is also available for free.

The website offers users the ability to set up their own account with their mobile phone number.

Users can then use the service to browse for information and to download files.

While it is not the first time Google has provided free internet to India, the company is now the first one to offer it free of charge.