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Comcast announces it will cut ties with DirecTV competitor after DirecViews breakup

Comcast announced Tuesday it will stop providing internet service to its DirecTv cable and satellite customers in the face of DirecVoyager’s impending exit from the market.

Comcast announced that it will no longer provide Internet service to DirecVerizon customers, Comcast’s video and Internet service provider, following the announcement that the two companies will no more cooperate in the future.

“The news today is disappointing for customers of Comcast and our customers.

We have been a part of the market for years and have a long relationship with Directv and are excited to continue our long-standing relationship with them,” Comcast’s vice president of communications, Eric Eisenberg, said in a statement.

DirecVOYager has long struggled to find new markets and compete in an industry that is increasingly becoming saturated.

The Direc TV service offered by Comcast is the only way consumers can access video from major broadcast and cable networks, and Comcast offers its own video service, Comcast SportsNet, as well as its own sports channels, including NBC Sports and NFL Network.

Dires DirecLive service, which offered an interactive feed of sports events, is no longer available, as is its streaming-video service.

Dirivatives DirecNet and DirecPriced are both available on Comcast’s Internet service.

But the announcement comes just days after Direcitivision and DirecitTV announced that they would cease operations, ending the market dominance of the two smaller cable companies.

Comms announcement follows the announcement of other major cable and Internet providers, including Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, and Cox Communications.

A number of major ISPs have begun rolling out broadband service in some markets, including in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Dish has said it plans to launch Internet service in most of the nation’s markets, but the company has not yet announced which markets it will serve.

A similar move by Comcast follows the merger between Comcast and NBCUniversal, which is a sign of the industry’s consolidation.

In January, the merger was approved by regulators in New York and Washington.