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How to find out if your broadband provider is slowing down your internet

The US Federal Communications Commission has taken its case to the court over the impact of internet providers slowing down internet traffic.

The Federal Trade Commission filed the complaint against AT&T in US District Court in New York on Thursday, and said that the broadband provider has violated the Federal Communications Act by failing to protect consumers’ privacy and data from interference by internet service providers (ISPs).

“It is unconscionable that internet service companies (ISP) are taking away internet traffic, including from users, without their users’ consent,” the FTC said in its complaint.

The complaint said AT&amt, the nation’s largest internet provider, has used a program known as “opt-in” to provide access to the internet to its customers without their knowledge or consent.”AT&amp, like many ISPs, has deliberately and routinely deceived consumers about the nature and content of its service,” the complaint said.

“This deceptive practice is not limited to the practice of blocking or throttling traffic.

Instead, it is a systematic, systemic, and systematic failure to protect its users’ privacy, security, and economic interests.”

The FTC also alleges that AT&adts practices, including its “opt in” practices, are in violation of the Federal Trade Law and the Communications Act.

The FCC and the FTC are also filing a counterclaim, in an attempt to force AT&gt to stop its practice of forcing its customers to subscribe to services such as Comcast or Verizon to access the internet.

The FTC is asking the court to declare that AT &t’s practice violates the Communications Decency Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and the Wiretap Act.