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How to Get Your Free Internet on the Reliable Netflix or Hulu Streaming Platform

It’s no secret that Netflix and Hulu have been battling for customers lately.

They’re both looking to make the transition from the traditional video-on-demand (VOD) model to their own streaming platforms.

While it’s possible that the companies may be able to work something out on their own, it looks like Netflix and Amazon are looking to get the best deal out of each other.

Netflix recently released a press release on the subject, promising that its “broadband, Internet, and other content will be available to Netflix customers in the coming weeks.”

The exact details aren’t clear, but it sounds like Netflix will be offering both a limited number of high-speed Internet speeds (at 10Mbps) and a discounted price for streaming services.

While Netflix doesn’t specify exactly what that “broadcast” means, the company says it will be offered for $9.99 per month, and that it will have a 100Mbps upload and download speed.

(That’s the same speed as Comcast’s Xfinity Now, which launched earlier this year.)

While this news is great for Netflix subscribers, the news isn’t as good for Hulu subscribers.

Netflix’s statement doesn’t say how many people will be able access the streaming service, but Hulu says it’s expecting more than 5 million customers to sign up by the end of this year.

(Hulu recently announced that it would be bringing its original series to the streaming platform, and it’s expected to bring a “first look” premiere for its hit series “The Handmaid’s Tale” on July 24.)

Hulu’s announcement comes a day after Netflix announced that its streaming service will be making its debut in July, and the company has also announced plans to bring “the most popular movies, TV shows, music and video games from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other top video platforms” to its streaming platform in the months ahead.

It also says that it’s adding a “thousands of exclusive movies and shows to its catalog.”

That last one is particularly interesting.

In addition to Netflix, Hulu also offers a number of other services to its subscribers, including Amazon Video and Amazon Prime Video.

While these are all streaming services, they’re not directly tied to Netflix or the other streaming services (though Amazon Prime members can still sign up to access its streaming services).

The question is whether Hulu can match Netflix and make it as easy as possible for subscribers to access these services.

And while it’s important to note that Hulu doesn’t officially announce any plans for these services, it seems like Netflix is going to be working with Hulu in the future.

It may not have to be as simple as giving up on the service entirely, either.