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Samsung internet comes to India – report

Samsung internet will launch in India later this year, the Korean company said on Thursday, in a move that could help the countrys telecom regulator get around a legal challenge by a local internet firm.

The announcement comes two days after India banned the practice of using local internet providers in its telecom sector.

The move by Samsung comes amid a broader crackdown on illegal downloading and illegal sharing of copyrighted material.

Samsung said it will launch the service in several states including Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru and Kolkata, starting in the next six months.

The company said it has already started a trial in Kolkatta, an industrial city in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu, where it has its own internet provider.

The government had previously ruled that such services could only be offered in certain cities, including Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

The state’s telecom regulator has asked telecom operators to impose stricter restrictions on internet services.

The Indian government has imposed restrictions on the sale and purchase of the internet, saying it would restrict the free flow of information.

The US-based company is trying to negotiate with the government to launch the same service in India.