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What’s new in Google News today

Google has updated the news feed for the UK’s internet to show more content and to use more emoji.

The new feed has been designed to provide users with more choice and more options in search results, as well as allowing users to share content across the internet.

Users can search for topics, subscribe to articles and more.

Google’s news feed also features a new search option, and a new emoji search box.

The news feed has also been tweaked to make it easier for people to understand when articles are being updated.

The company said the new feed is also designed to “make it easier to find out about the latest news stories”.

The new emoji features are a follow-up to a feature that the company launched in October.

Google News is a social network that lets users send and receive tweets and other text messages.

Its main feature is a search function, which allows users to search for keywords in their news feed.

It also offers a range of news sources, including Wikipedia, CNN and The Guardian, as part of a wider social media platform.