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Spectrum internet test for new version of Chrome

A new version will be released for Chrome OS in the coming weeks, with new features including a better browser experience and better integration with the new Android operating system.

The new version is codenamed Chromium and will be available in the Chrome OS beta channel, the first channel for the beta release.

The Chromium browser was first launched on April 18, 2017.

While the Chromium update was initially slated to roll out to all of Chrome OS, it is now also rolling out to the Chrome beta channel.

While Chromium was initially designed as a fork of the Chromosx OS, the team is now aiming to deliver an operating system based on Google’s new mobile OS, Android.

Google is looking to build upon Chromium’s strengths as a modern browser with a modern user interface, a modern, unified, and unified ecosystem, and a modern set of APIs.

As a result, Chromium has been receiving more and more attention and attention in recent months.

In a blog post, Google said that it is actively looking for contributors to the Chromian-based Chromium project.

The release is scheduled to be rolled out to Android users in early 2019, with the first beta release planned for the Android beta channel in the second quarter of 2020.

The Google Chrome OS release will be the latest in Google’s ongoing efforts to build on the success of Chrome for mobile.

Google announced earlier this year that it was launching a beta program to build a version of Google’s mobile OS that runs on Android devices.

Google Chrome is designed to work well with Google’s existing apps and services on the desktop and is optimized for mobile use.

Google has been using Chrome OS for the past several years as an Android browser, with Google Play services, Google Play Store, Google Maps, and the Google Play Movies service all available on the browser.

Google’s Chrome OS is a highly customized version of the mobile OS on which Chrome has been built.

Chromium will be a highly polished OS that can easily integrate with existing Google apps and provide more functionality for the Google Android platform.

While Google is also building Chromium for mobile, it will be an open source project, meaning that anyone can contribute to the project.