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Which NFL players will wear their own helmets?

The NFL is considering helmets for its players in the wake of the Orlando shooting that killed 49 people.

Here’s what we know: The league will be looking at the number of players who wear helmets during the season.

It is currently a season-long process, so players won’t have to change their helmets until at least December.

The league has said the goal is to get the helmets worn by as many players as possible.

NFL players are currently exempt from wearing helmets because of concussion protocol.

The head injury protocol requires players to wear protective gear.

The NFL also requires players not to have concussions in their careers.

The goal is for the league to eliminate concussions completely by 2020. 

According to ESPN, there are some limitations on the number and placement of helmets for players.

Players are restricted from wearing their own.

That means players must wear a helmet with a standard chin strap, a chin shield, a face shield and a helmet that fits snugly.

The helmets are also limited to helmets that have been approved by the league.

Players can wear their helmets at practice, games and away games.

The helmet can be customized for a player.

The NFL also says it is considering the possibility of helmets with a mesh back, which could be more comfortable for some players.

It’s a decision that the league is still working on.

The idea is to ensure that players have a helmet and can walk in and out of the game with the same protection.

The mesh back would allow players to take their helmets off and use them without having to worry about having them in their mouth, which is where the concussions occur.

The NBA and NFL combine also are in Indianapolis this weekend. 

On Monday, the league announced that it would expand the number for which players can wear helmets.

The number of NFL players who can wear a new helmet with any number of components will increase from seven to nine. 

The league is also looking at whether helmets could be worn for practice and games.

For example, the number could be four, five, six, seven, eight or nine, according to ESPN. 

Some NFL players and teams are concerned about concussions and the potential for brain damage from them.

There are currently no studies on whether helmets would protect players from brain injuries. 

If the NFL can’t make helmets mandatory, it may be time to rethink how the league deals with the issue, ESPN’s Tom Pelissero reported.

The concussion protocol requires helmets be worn during the regular season.

If the NFL could get the helmet mandate to include the regular-season season, the NFL would be able to get rid of the mandate in 2021.