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Why some Australians are still not connected to the internet

AUSTRALIA’S broadband network is still lagging behind other countries, despite new signals being put in place to make it more reliable and faster.

Key points:The network has not been upgraded since 2014.

Some users say they are still waiting for upgradesInternet service in the country has been slow since 2014But some say they don’t have the money to upgradeThey say they have been waiting for more than a decade for improvements to the network.

They are also angry the Government has not done enough to speed up the rollout.

Internet is one of the key pillars of the Australian economy, but for many, it is still slow and has not received any upgrades in many years.

“We need to see upgrades, and they have not been given to us,” said Andrew Dickson, who lives in Sydney’s north-west.

“The broadband network has been lagging the other countries.”

When the Government announced a package of upgrades to the NBN in March, I thought they were going to do the upgrades and make it better, but that has not happened.

“What the Government is proposing: The Government is planning to roll out a package to upgrade Australia’s broadband network by 2021.

The package will involve upgrading existing copper and fibre networks, as well as upgrading the internet infrastructure, and upgrading the mobile phone network.

Key Points:The Government is looking to roll-out upgrades to Australia’s internet infrastructure by 2021What the government is proposing would require Australians to pay more for the upgradesWhat it says are upgrades to speed the NBN network are being put on hold due to an ongoing state of emergency and an ongoing review of the country’s telecommunications network.

The upgrade package is a key part of the Government’s national broadband rollout.

It will be rolled out across the country, but it will not be completed until 2021, with the majority of Australians not being connected to internet services.

Key point:Some users are still frustrated that they have to wait for upgrades to arrive on their behalfThe upgrades are due to be rolled-out in 2021, but the Government says the delays have slowed the rollout