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Verizon’s internet outage extends beyond the US to Australia and South Africa

Verizon is reporting that its internet service has been disrupted across the US, Australia, South Africa and parts of Europe and Asia.

The outage occurred at 3:22 p.m.

ET on Tuesday in several areas of the US and Canada.

Verizon says it’s investigating the cause of the outage.

The service is down in several regions, including parts of California, the eastern part of Washington, and parts in Florida and New York.

The company says customers are being directed to check their websites for any information that may have been lost during the outage, or to download a patch from Verizon’s website.

Verizon’s outage appears to affect customers in the United States, Australia and Canada, but is not limited to those areas.

In Australia, where the outage was first reported on Wednesday morning, internet access has been restored, but it’s unclear if the country is the only one experiencing problems.

The US outage began at 3 p.mm ET on Monday, and affected millions of customers.

“This is not a result of a rogue virus or malicious software, it is a result not of malicious intent but of poor network management,” Verizon says in a statement.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience and we are working hard to restore as much as possible to the network.

We will continue to monitor our network and update customers as necessary.”

The company also says that Verizon has reached out to all affected customers, and that it will be providing assistance through its “vendor support center.”

Verizon says the outage affected a large portion of the U.S. market, and is impacting the ability of many businesses to offer internet service.

The Federal Communications Commission has ordered Verizon to provide information about its network maintenance practices.

Verizon is currently testing an update to its network management software that will allow it to recover more quickly from network outages.

The problem with Verizon’s network maintenance is that it has not addressed the root cause of its network outage, and customers are still unable to access services.

It has also been unclear what the network management issue is that is causing Verizon’s problem.

The FCC issued a press release on Tuesday saying that it “has identified the root causes of a severe network failure affecting millions of Verizon customers.

These root causes include inadequate network maintenance, network out-ages, and improper network management.”