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What’s up with Netflix’s new streaming deal?

Why Netflix isn’t making its own video-on-demand service is one question that the streaming giant is still mulling over.

And it’s the one that seems to have drawn the ire of some of its investors.

Netflix shares closed down 3% to $15.97 on Wednesday after reports surfaced that Netflix had entered into a $30 billion-plus deal with Comcast to stream its content.

The deal, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, will allow Netflix to expand its streaming service across its entire portfolio of video-streaming platforms, including Xbox and Apple TV.

It will also allow Netflix subscribers to watch on demand video-over-the-Internet services such as Netflix.

However, analysts said that the deal could hurt Netflix’s ability to monetize the massive growth in the digital video-delivery business that is increasingly taking place on the Internet.

While the move by Netflix to acquire Comcast has not yet been officially announced, the timing of Comcast’s announcement could have been a way to show its new investment.

As of now, Netflix has a valuation of $7.2 billion.

While some investors have long criticized Netflix’s investments in its own content, the company’s current valuation makes it a relatively safe bet to take on Comcast, even if some investors believe that the transaction would have a material adverse effect on the stock.

Shares of Comcast and other internet companies are trading at an average of around $40 per share, according to data from Bloomberg.

Netflix has also been a target of investor ire for the past few months.

The streaming giant, for instance, lost nearly $2 billion on a deal that allowed it to buy movie studios such as 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures.

And the streaming service has been a frequent target of a number of activist investors who have raised concerns about Netflix’s financials and management of its business.

Investors also have criticized the company for having poor performance and said that Netflix has failed to live up to its promise of delivering premium content.