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How to connect to the Internet in America without a smartphone

AT&T and Verizon have signed a deal that allows them to give their customers access to the internet without having to use a smartphone.

In the first phase, customers who subscribe to the DirecTV Now and DirecTv Now streaming services can get access to their favorite websites and apps without having a smartphone, AT&Ts CEO Brian Roberts said at a Wall Street conference on Wednesday.

They can also stream TV shows on the Internet through their DirecTab boxes.

Verizon and AT&ts have been working on this program for years.

AT&t says that it is one of the biggest wireless providers in the world and it has more than 50 million Direc Tab customers.

The company said it will use the new service to give consumers access to its network of 4G wireless networks and bring more of its customers onto Direc tab.

AT &ts has also been working to connect its customers to the web via the internet through the Internet.

AT said in March that it had about 50 million broadband subscribers in the United States.

Verizons website is updated once a day.

Verizon has been working with Direc Networks to get more of those customers to join the service.AT&Ts also said that it would work with the Direktovers internet service provider, T-Mobile US, to bring more Direktab customers onto the service so that AT&TS could get access more to its networks and the content it delivers to customers.

AT’s Roberts said the Diretab service would not be a competitor to the Comcast internet service.