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Why you shouldn’t be using your mobile device on a plane

You probably think that you can keep your mobile phone on your lap while flying because it’s in the overhead bin, but a new study suggests otherwise.

According to a report by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, flying can be “extremely hazardous to passengers and crew members.”

While the risk of hypoxia is extremely low, it’s “very difficult to minimize,” the report states.

According a report from the U, US Federal Aviation Administration, air travelers can expect hypoxaemia during a flight that involves less than 30 minutes of flying time.

While some travelers might be able to avoid hypoxemia by eating a snack or two, that doesn’t mean you should.

The FAA report recommends avoiding eating food with an “oily, salty or sour taste, as these flavors are likely to cause an increased risk of anaerobic (oxygen-deficient) hypoxias and can increase the likelihood of hypoxic exposure.”

So while you might be tempted to just sip water while sitting in your seat, the FAA suggests not doing so.

The report also advises people to limit alcohol consumption while on board, as “drinking alcohol in an aircraft cabin is an unsafe practice and may cause an increase in oxygen-depleted hypoxasias and an increased likelihood of an oxygen-deficiency.”

If you’re not comfortable drinking alcohol in your airplane cabin, you can find an airline that lets you drink beer or wine on the plane.

The rules regarding alcohol consumption vary depending on where you’re traveling.

In some countries, such as Italy, it can be allowed, while in other countries, like Canada, it doesn’t.