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A former Google employee says she was fired for writing a blog

on the company’s car lot article The former Google software engineer who wrote a blog post on the Google car lot says she had her job revoked after her post was viewed millions of times on the internet car lots website.

In the post, the former Google engineer, Lauren Hock, wrote that Google had hired an employee to work as a software engineer for its parking lots.

She also alleged that Google officials had threatened to fire her for writing the post.

Hock resigned from Google on Tuesday, but her attorney, David Hock of Dallas, said that his client was not fired.

He said she was simply given a severance package of $2,000 and a severing bonus of $6,000.

Google declined to comment.

Hocks article included screenshots of Google’s car lots webpages, including one showing a car with an estimated value of more than $400,000, a Mercedes-Benz and an Audi A4, according to an excerpt published in a local newspaper.

The article also contained information on the car lots location and parking fees.

The post, which was written in 2013, was viewed more than 11 million times, Hock wrote in a blog posting on March 11, 2015.

Google told CNN that the company had not seen the article.

“Google does not comment on employee matters,” a spokesperson said.

Hocker told CNN she did not believe Google had retaliated against her for her post.

“I just feel like Google fired me for writing this,” she said.

The blogger, who is no longer employed by Google, said she first spoke to her employer about the blog post about Google’s parking lots in April 2015.

She wrote that she received a letter from Google’s HR department stating that she had been terminated.

“It said that they were concerned that I had been speaking out about the car lots and parking situation,” Hock said.

She said she felt that she was being punished for her beliefs and for having a personal blog post.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On April 25, 2015, Hocks Facebook page posted a video to her page about her experience.

It said that she said she had to leave her job at Google after she spoke out against the company, and she left the company in June.

She later posted a screenshot of the letter that she claims she received from Google.

Hocking told CNN the letter said that Hock had violated company policies, and that the termination letter had been sent to her after her termination was finalized.

She added that she has not seen or heard from anyone from Google since then.

Hocked wrote on her Facebook page that she believes that Google has retaliated and that she felt pressured into leaving because of her beliefs.

“At the time I was fired, I thought Google was going to protect me from me,” Hocks blog post said.

“Now that I am leaving, I am not sure how much longer I can afford to live.”

Hock was terminated from her job with Google after her blog post was shared over 4 million times.

The blog post she wrote, titled ‘Google’s parking lot: A guide for people looking to get out of parking citations’, was published on the online parking lot site, Carpooling.com.

Google did not respond to CNN requests for comment on whether Hock received any severance or severance packages from Google and if she had received them.

The parking lots website shows a car lot with a estimated value for more than 1 million dollars, according of the company website.

A car has an estimated total price of $1.6 million, according.

A Mercedes Benz has an approximate price of more, according the car sales website.

The online car sales site lists the estimated price of a Mercedes Benz sedan as $57,000 in North Carolina.

In a statement to CNN, Google said it is committed to helping the parking lot industry thrive and has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.

“We have a robust hiring and retention program that includes an equal opportunity policy, and we offer training on the industry’s most-popular hiring and job search skills,” the company said.

Google also announced that it was hiring more than 500 more people for its Parking Department in an effort to improve the quality of its parking lot services.

“While we continue to review our policies and processes, we have a strong record of hiring and promoting outstanding employees and are looking to hire more people to improve our parking lot operations,” the statement said.

According to the car site, a car’s estimated value is determined by a combination of factors, including the vehicle’s weight, its size, its age and condition, and the type of insurance coverage it carries.

HOCK’s blog post also discussed a number of issues that she and others had with Google’s policies.

“My concern was that I felt Google was discriminating against me based on my beliefs and because I had written about their parking lot,” Hocker said.

After speaking to her former employer, Hocker started to gather documents from