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What you need to know about AT&T internet plans

AT&t is rolling out a new internet service plan for its new prepaid plans.

The plan, which is a mix of Internet Plus and internet-only plans, is available starting today, and is meant to help AT&ts customers get more out of their $50-$100 prepaid internet plans, which they can sign up for with a new AT&.com account or with a prepaid phone.

The plan, known as the Internet Plus Plus program, will offer 4G LTE speeds for $70 per month for a family of four, or $95 per month per child.

The plans are available in more than 20 cities nationwide.

AT&ts Internet Plus is a mixture of internet service plans for $50-100 dollars per month.

AT&s website The new AT &ts Internet Plan offers 4G internet speeds for a $70-100 per month package.

This new plan is only available in 20 AT&Ts markets.

AT &t website AT &t plans include 4G Internet speeds for one family of 4.

ATs website for AT&tys internet plan ATT offers a new $50 internet plan with speeds of 4G speeds for about $75 per month in the U.S. For more, read the Associated Press article: