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Comcast internet outage puts thousands at risk

Comcast is facing a cyberattack that could affect as many as 3 million customers across the country.

The company’s internet service providers, including Time Warner Cable, NBCUniversal and Bright House Networks, are scrambling to restore service after Comcast went offline on Tuesday.

Comcast customers have been told they’ll likely be unable to access online video services like Netflix or HBO.

The outage affects Comcast customers who use Comcast’s 4G service or its internet service on the company’s fiber optic cable network, which extends from their homes to the suburbs.

The company said that while the affected customers can access online streaming video services, the company doesn’t have a timeline on when that will be restored.

Comcast said the outage is affecting some areas that have been experiencing large traffic.

The blackout affects parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia, according to the company.

Complexity caused by the outageThe outage has caused Comcast customers to miss work and to find themselves without a cellphone service, Comcast said in a statement.

That could affect those customers who are working from home or have been able to make calls while their home internet connection is down.

Comcast said some customers have received texts from family members who were unable to make out with them, Comcast also said.

Comedy Central, which is a Comcast customer, said that “Comcast is working hard to restore customer service as quickly as possible.”

Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal, Bright House, Disney and ESPN, said it has restored service to all Comcast customers and is working with local and federal authorities to restore broadband service.

Composite image of Comcast internet service provider in Washington, D.C.

Comstock/ReutersComcast announced last month that it was laying off more than 3,000 workers and cutting 1,600 positions, but it said the disruption is caused by a computer bug that has disrupted internet traffic for customers.

In a statement, the telecom giant said that its network is “under a sustained attack.”

The company said it’s not sure when the attack occurred.

It said its network was “under constant attack” and it is “investigating what went wrong.”

The computer bug has disrupted Internet traffic on Comcast’s fiber network.

Reuters/Gary CameronComcast says it is still working to resolve the problem and that customers who were affected by the problem should have received a call from Comcast.

It also says that it is working to notify customers of any problems.

The outage affects the company on several levels.

Comcast is a cable and telephone company that offers broadband internet service to customers in many areas.

The network includes a fiber optic connection that provides speeds of at least 100 megabits per second.

Comcast also owns Bright House Television, which broadcasts television programs to homes and businesses.