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How ‘Star Wars’ star Carrie Fisher was one of the ‘most important people’ in the 1980s, by the BBC’s Laura Kipnis

The Star Wars galaxy far, far away is full of people who can’t help but have a memory of the film franchise they grew up watching.

Carrie Fisher is one of those people.

In this exclusive interview, she remembers the Star Wars films fondly, including Carrie’s scenes in Return of the Jedi and Return of Ben Kenobi.

And she talks about her childhood, growing up in LA, and her career as a Star Wars actor.

Carrie, thanks for doing this interview.

LA: Thanks Laura.

The last thing I’d like to say is that I want to say thanks to you.

It was great having you on, and it was great that you wanted to do this interview with us.

And I also want to thank my husband, James Earl Jones, for giving me this opportunity.

And it was a pleasure to have you.

I’m sorry to be interrupting you, but we’re on the road and you’re doing great.

But I think the last question I wanted to ask is the one that I’ve always asked you: what were you watching?

And Carrie Fisher: Well, I was a little bit of a Star Trek fan, and then I was very involved in Star Wars.

I think that’s probably the most important thing about the films that I grew up with, and my parents and I would watch the original Star Wars movies, as we had a lot of fun watching them, and I really enjoyed watching them.

And then when I went to school, I saw the original trilogy, as well as all the movies that I watched, because that was the part of the story that I wanted, and that was really what made Star Wars such a great story.

LA : So how did you get involved with Star Wars?

Carrie Fisher : Well, my father had seen a lot, and we were very close, so it was kind of a little like a second home for me.

I was always interested in the science fiction, I had always liked the idea of the movies as they were originally conceived, and of course it was just the idea that came to me as a child.

So when I was about three years old, my dad got me the original 1977 film, and he took me to see the first two Star Wars prequels, because he wanted to see them all.

And that was kind, you know, a very, very long time ago.

So that was my first exposure to the world of Star Wars, but I did love the Star Trek movies.

I loved them very much, and in fact, the first time I ever saw Star Trek, was in a movie theater, and the Star Voyage to Babel movie that was made when I first started school.

LA, thank you so much for being on.

Carrie is now 74.

She’s the only surviving member of the original cast, which was filmed between 1977 and 1983.

She was the first woman to play the role of Rey in the film, but it was also the first film where the role was played by a man.

Carrie was the star of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which also starred Robert Picardo and George Takei.

She died of lung cancer in 2016.