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How to watch your favourite channels without cable TV

Now Playing: Why you should watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Now Playing “There’s a lot of good stuff in Netflix,” said a woman who works in the video game industry, explaining why she prefers streaming content over cable TV.

“The fact that Netflix is still the only one that’s available online is pretty amazing, and Amazon has an amazing lineup of titles that you can buy with a credit card, that I can watch on my phone,” she said.

The woman who spoke to HuffPost says her favourite TV shows are all on Netflix, and that she can watch them without cable or satellite.

“It’s the same way you could watch a movie or a TV show on Netflix and then just go and buy it on Amazon or YouTube or Hulu or someplace else,” she explained.

“You can watch Netflix, you can watch a video game, you’re going to get to enjoy it, you’ll be able to enjoy the whole thing.”

The woman also noted that many other TV shows on Netflix are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

“I think it’s awesome to be able pick up an Amazon Prime video, watch it, and then pick it up on Amazon and watch it on your TV,” she added.

The experience can also be different for different devices.

“For instance, I don’t have my Xbox 360, and I don