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How to use the Samsung Galaxy S6 with cox Internet, Netflix and Netflix Plus

Samsung has unveiled a new Internet service called Cox Internet that offers both fast and slow internet speeds.

The service offers both free and paid plans for internet access, and Samsung says it offers speeds that are comparable to other services.

The new service is only available in South Korea, but it is also available in China, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

The U.K. has not yet announced the launch of its service, but a Samsung spokesperson said the company is looking at other countries.

“It’s very important to us to make sure that consumers get the best possible service from Samsung and the best choice when it comes to mobile data,” said Samsung’s director of corporate communications, Alex T. Bresnahan.

“We are always working hard to improve the mobile experience across the world and we have been looking into all the ways to help our customers get the fastest and most reliable experience.”

Cox Internet was developed by Samsung in partnership with the Australian telco Telstra.

The telco says it will be available to all customers in Australia starting in April.