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How to cancel AT&T’s internet outage

AT&t said its Internet service provider (ISP) is facing an outage that will leave customers without access to the company’s popular video streaming service.

In a statement released Tuesday, AT&tt said its outage is affecting about 5.4 million customers.

Customers can use the AT&ts online video chat and messaging services but they won’t be able to connect to any of the companys video apps like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

The outage comes as AT&rts Internet service has been plagued by a spike in cyberattacks that have hit the company.

The company has been battling to restore services as a result.

A spokeswoman for AT&gt says the outage affects 5.1 million customers in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee.

It affects 5 million customers nationwide.

The spokeswoman says AT&nts service will be restored to its normal level in about two hours.AT&gt is owned by Comcast Corp., the world’s second-largest cable and Internet service company.