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AT&T Internet prices are down by 50% in 2018, report finds

AT&t Internet prices have fallen by 50 percent since 2018, according to a new report from market research firm Forrester.

The results come after the company released its first annual internet survey of consumers.

The study, which comes a day before the company’s quarterly earnings call, also found that the number of internet customers has remained flat since the company started its internet surveys in 2014.

AT&T’s data was gathered in 2017.

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AT&Ts survey showed that the company still has the highest internet penetration rate among the major players.

However, it also revealed that the median income for households with broadband internet service was $100,000 in 2017, down $1,000 from 2016. 

The average price of a home with broadband service is now $119.25 a month, down from $133.70 in 2016.

The median income among households with internet service is $85,000, down by $3,000 compared to $86,000 the previous year.

The average cost of a broadband service for households without broadband service was also $1.5 billion in 2017 ($1.8 billion in 2018), down by more than $1 billion compared to the previous three years.

The report showed that households without internet service have the highest costs per household in the US, which is likely to result in higher costs to consumers. 

AT&ts internet survey also found a large decrease in the number and amount of data plans offered to households.

Consumers were asked about their plans to upgrade or downgrade services as of January 2019.

The majority of households had a data plan, down to 43 percent of households.

The average amount of a data tier was reduced by 8 percent.

In 2017, nearly one-third of households used at least 1GB of data each month.

The survey also showed that consumers are spending more on internet in 2017 than ever before, with the average amount spent on internet being $22 per month.

The median monthly bill was $849.18, down 8.3 percent from $858.80 in 2016, the survey found.

AT &ts data showed that over half of all US households have at least one internet connection.